Class supplies list

Bring your own project, or learn on paint board (perfect for beginners!)

Please bring 3 pieces of heavy paper, primed with latex paint, to practice strokes on.

should be ordered from Viking Woodcrafts at or (1-800-328-0116)
Always allow 2 weeks for delivery. (you may choose to also order the Grumbacher paint here)

1. Winsor Newton Regency Gold 530 series, Liner # 2/0, Catalog # 80-0530-20- Script Liner

2. Loew Cornell 7040 series, Round #2, Catalog # 73-7040-02

3. Loew Cornell 7040 series, Round #4, Catalog # 73-7040-04

These are the minimum number and size brushes; you may bring more if you wish.

You can order all paints from Cheap Joe’s (1-800-227-2788).

Artist Oils
Catalog #
Titanium White ROC 51052 Rembrandt
Yellow Ochre ROC 52272 Rembrandt
Venetian Red ROC 53492 Rembrandt
Green Earth ROC 56292 Rembrandt
Prussan Blue ROC 55082 Rembrandt
Burnt Umber ROC 54092 Rembrandt
Raw Umber ROC 54082 Rembrandt
Mars Black GRM 027 Grumbacher
Cadmium Red Light GRM 134 Grumbacher

Additional Painting Supplies
Boiled linseed oil, or walnut oil with alkyd, to thin paint
Turpenoid-natural – to clean and store brushes
Mineral spirits – to clean brushes
Palette knife – wide flat metal, not plastic
Palette – for mixing oil colors (or tear-off, disposable palette paper)
Paper towels – Viva or industrial blue (available at automotive departments)

Tracing Supplies
Approx 12x14 piece of masonite board on which to practice strokes
Piece of soft (old) cotton cloth, like an old t-shirt etc
Pencil and eraser
Transfer paper
Masking tape
400 grit sandpaper
2 inch foam paintbrush

These supplies can also be ordered from Cheap Joe's or Viking Woodcraft.


Rosemaling with Ken Magnusen