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Feb 12 - Mar 21
Sue Kasharek - Carey Shanahan

Opening February 12 through March 21, at Crossings at Carnegie in Zumbrota, an exhibit of work by artists Carey Shanahan and Sue Kosharek. Both artists’ prolific body of work emerges from intuition, emotion and concept. Their creative process is deeply personal and striking with universal appeal referencing historically significant imagery and techniques.

The gallery is open to the public during business hours.

The public is invited to meet the artists and view their work at a reception at Crossings on Friday, February 23, 6:00 - 7:15 pm. Wine and light appetizers will be served. 

Carey started playing with clay at the age of nine but did not get serious with the material until she studied ceramics in college. She loves clay as a medium because the emotion, concept and idea that can be captured. "I want my buyers to cherish the piece, have it touch their soul, pleasure the eye and feel good in their hands." Carey is owner of EarthBound Designs Pottery Studio in Rochester where she does all her artwork and teaches pottery classes. Carey has displayed and sold her work at numinous galleries across the nation and sells her work worldwide

Many of her pieces are decorated with Sgraffito. Sgraffito (in Italian) "to scratch" is a decorating pottery technique produced by applying layers of color or colors (underglazes or colored slips) to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layers to create contrasting images, patterns and texture to reveal the clay underneath.

Sue Kosharek says that creating is her passion.  She never knows where it will take her next and she is constantly exploring new techniques and mediums.  She paints intuitively, never knowing what the outcome will be.  Sue starts with an intention, and usually write a prayer or blessing on the canvas. Then she  selects the colors that call out to her.  The result is a compilation of whatever the piece that she is working on asks for. Typically there are several layers to her finished piece. Oftentimes these layers are seen only after some observation.  

Most recently, her paintings reflect a reconnection with the Divine Feminine energy.  They have evolved as a vessel for personal and collective healing and spiritual growth.  Sue shares these images to feed the imagination, reminding us of the great mysteries of life, and to feel the presence of possibility and the unknown.

Both Kosharek and Shanahan run studios and reside in Rochester, MN. Both are Arts Educators who are passionate about sharing creative expression as a lifestyle, for themselves and others.