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May 6 - June 15
Wendy Westlake / Courtney Armstrong

May 6 through June 15, Crossings at Carnegie will be running an exhibit of works by artists Courtney Armstrong and Wendy Westlake.The exhibit is located in the gallery of Crossings at Carnegie, and is open and free to the public for viewing.

In conjunction with the exhibit, there will be an artist’s reception held on Friday, May 17 at 6pm.  The public will have a chance to see and purchase the art, and speak with the artists. Wine, appetizers and desserts will be served.  This event is free and open to the public. If you wish, pick up tickets to see Jeff Dayton: American Troubadour, appearing at the State Theatre that evening.

For Courtney Armstrong, making art isn’t any big statement but rather something she enjoys doing. She is a new transplant to Minnesota and have tried to describe Minnesota to her friends in Colorado. Travelling the backroads to find interesting sights has given her images to paint for sharing and for this show. Miinnesota is rural farm country nestled among beautiful rolling hills. There are farmhouses and barns around the next corner, across the big fields. She loves all the different barns - some were falling down, some looked newly built and even some unused. Farm houses looked big and simple and lived in, a quiet beauty. Corn fields are everywhere and hidden among them are picturesque streams and fields, all kinds of trees and brush and multiple colors of everything. Courtney included the animals - dogs, cats, horses, chickens, birds, cows – animals, her favorite subject.  They are beautiful. And have a certain personality that she looks for and tries to capture. A show of her work without them would be incomplete.

Wendy Westlake begins by flinging paint on  canvas with great abandon and then search for order in the chaos, highlighting some shapes while losing others, defining and editing, pushing toward resolution. She was born in Washington state.  She earned an Associated degree in Applied Art from Pima College in Tuscon AZ, where she studied a wide range of media including oils, print making and ceramics. Upon moving back to MN in 1992, Wendy connected with the watercolor community in the Twin Cities area. She became a Board Member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society in 2012 eventually becoming MNWS President from 2014-2016.  A desire to work on a larger scale than paper would allow pulled Wendy back to her earlier training with acrylic and oils. She works in her studio in Zumbrota, MN. Her work is influenced by her background in watercolor as well as the tradition of American Abstract Expressionism.