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July 29 - August 31
Jean Haefele / Alison McClocklin

July 29 through August 31, Crossings at Carnegie will be running an exhibit of works by artists Alison McClocklin and Jean Haefele.The exhibit is located in the gallery of Crossings at Carnegie, and is open and free to the public for viewing.  

In conjunction with the exhibit, there will be an artist’s reception held on Saturday, August 24 at 6pm.  The public will have a chance to see and purchase the art, and speak with the artists. Wine, appetizers and desserts will be served.  This event is free and open to the public. If you wish, pick up tickets to see One Night, Two Legends: Buddy & Elvis Tribute by Denny & The DC Drifters, appearing at the State Theatre that evening.

Alison McClocklin is a mixed and multi-media artist from Rochester, Minnesota. This recent collection of work is a continuation of her lifelong, playful exploration of whatever she happens to find in front of her. In recent years her materials have mostly been bits and scraps of color and texture harvested from the recycling bin. Inspired by green wooded hills, small woodland and neighborhood creatures, the intensity of Minnesota’s four seasons, and the simple joy of rich color, McClocklin’s pieces are like found poems, or stained-glass windows--collected, pieced and puzzled together into a narrative of small stories or simple moments in time. The late and beloved poet Mary Oliver expresses well the spirit of her life and work as an artist: “Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it”. Even small, everyday things can be seen as amazing.

Jean Haefele grew up in a creative family with a mom and dad who encouraged  all imaginative activities; anything from making dollhouse furniture and accessories from found and recycled materials to bug cages and tin can animals.   She had many books in which to identify her collections…leaves, bugs, shells,etc. and would then construct collection boxes, greeting cards, drawings and paintings. Her approach to art can be summed up by this Marc Chagall quote, “I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment.”  You will see variety and experimentation in her work. Rules are seldom followed. Much of her work creates a visual story and incorporates an expressive playful perspective. Imagination is a “go to” for ideas and her recent work, whether collage, mixed media, or straight painting emphasizes color, texture and composition…sometimes abstract, other times loosely representational. 

Both of our artists are playful, summed up in this quote from Jean, “ I want the viewer to have fun. There’s always meaning in what I do, but my work doesn't ask to be analyzed too deeply. Take a look, step in and enjoy!”