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Sept 10 - Oct 20
G.E. Koenig & Catheryn P. White

September 10 to October 20, 2018, Crossings at Carnegie will be running a six week exhibit of works by artists Catheryn P. White and G.E. Koenig. The exhibit is located in the gallery of Crossings at Carnegie, and is open and free to the public for viewing.  

In conjunction with the six-week exhibit, there will be an artist’s reception held on September 22, 2018, 6:00pm - 7:15pm. The public will have a chance to see and purchase the art, and speak with the artists. Wine, appetizers and desserts will be served.  This event is free and open to the public. Stay afterwards to enjoy music by The New Standards.

G.E. Koenig has chased photographs since age 12. Finding those shots he was after was always a challenge. With the advent of digital, his world and photography changed dramatically! Koenig says “Digital brought me out of the dark (room) and into the world of complete control of my images. The majority of my work is enhanced via the computer. That is today’s rule and no longer a “sin.” I do take the real-world image and mold it in a way I see in my mind as a finished product.” The images are then printed on archival as well as metallic paper. Prints are professionally matted and framed. Today his portfolio consists of color abstracts as well as  black and white portraits of the “Storylines/Portraits From The Street” project. Gary has worked with many galleries, won awards, and worked for prestigious clients but says that nothing is more satisfying than seeing his work on your wall!

Catheryn P. White’s work is a reflection of her dual nature. Sometimes her work is a personal, visual statement of a word or phrase, other times it can just be purely decorative but with a quirk to make it different. She came to watercolor on wood via Stoney End Harps. While working there, she painted harp soundboards for customers on her off hours. After a few years of experimenting with various mediums, she hit on using watercolors. They gave her the look and versatility she needed. About her work, White says “Every painting is full of discovery. Not just in the subject matter, but also in dealing with each piece of wood and its individual grain pattern and personality.” White began her formal art education in her 30’s, and after college did illustrations for two issues of Vegetarian Times magazine and designed stamps for a local company during the stamping craze. She also has done graphic design work. This is her second exhibit at Crossings in addition to having participated in eight additional group shows.

Open to the public during business hours. Not open on Sunday.