Coffee & Wire-wrapped Stones with Bailey Williams

Bailey Williams lives just outside of Rochester, MN. She teaches yoga and meditation in addition to crystal wire wrapping.She gardens and spends time with her family exploring the natural world. Other skills include playing the baritone ukulele, didgeridoo, hand drums, and singing.


The universe has given us so many amazing things to connect and explore with. Join Instructor Bailey Mayhem as you explore some of her favorite crystals. Coffee will be available for this morning class, or if you wish for something fancier, visit the local coffee shop or bring something from home to this class on Sat., Jun. 23, 9 - 11am. Teens 14+ are welcome.

Bailey will help you connect with your intuition in choosing a stone and reading its natural energy as well as the intention you would like to set for you and your stone working together as a team. You will learn to create a copper wire (copper is an excellent energy conductor) wrap for your stone. So, not only will you have a beautiful piece of jewelery, but also an energetic partner helping you radiate positive energy into the world!

Not every stone is alike, nor will every wrap be alike. I have created a simple way to cradle your stone leaving plenty of room for creative expression to accentuate your unique stones personality. Every stone is unique and gorgeous in its own way just like humans. And, just like humans, they all have a special vibration and auric field. When we develop a relationship with a stone, we can set an intention that the stone will absorb in its vibration radiating that intention within and around our physical and energetic bodies.

Feel free to bring a stone of your own if you already have a special one in mind, otherwise Bailey will have a set of stones to choose from. Keep in mind that spherical stones are difficult to wrap, while rough stones with lots of edges are easier to wrap.

Price is $28, plus a supply fee of $5 if you bring your own stone, and $10 if you choose one from Bailey. To sign up for this class, call 507-732-7616 or stop in to Crossings at 320 East Avenue in Zumbrota.


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