Dynamic Art of Raku: A Ceramic Workshop with Lisa Truax

Your instructor is Lisa Truax, an Associate Professor of Art at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. She received her BA in Studio Art and Graphic Design from Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and her MFA in Ceramics from Michigan State University. Her work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in a variety of solo and group exhibitions. Lisa has been teaching ceramics and other art methods for 18 years, and enjoys teaching and bringing the experience of working with clay to students, from beginners to advanced levels.


Raku Firing is a hands-on experience spent with other ceramicists, firing in an outdoor kiln, seeing pieces transformed into unique crackling patterns. You can take part in this experience on Oct 26. Session One is 9am-12pm. Session Two is 1 - 4pm. If you wish, bring a dish to pass during the noon hour and spend some quality time with each other and the instructor. Crossings is providing the paper goods for this casual meal between class attendees and other members of the clay studio who want to come.

Raku firing is a dynamic and exciting process where bisque fired work that has been glazed using special raku glazes is rapidly heated to approximately 1800 degrees fahrenheit, and is then removed from the kiln using tongs and other metal tools and then placed into a trash can with combustible materials such as newspaper to achieve rapid reduction, creating unique glaze results. A lovely fact about raku is that its name literally translates as 'happiness in the accident.'

You should have ready one or more pieces of Raku or stoneware bisqueware. In the kiln, each student will have half a shelf, or about 18” by 9” and 8-10 inches tall. Raku firing requires pieces to have some distance between them, and Lisa shares that only two larger pieces can fit into that area.

Crossings will have Raku clay available for this purpose. If you are not a clay studio member, you may come in during our business hours and use our studio for free ( usually $20 per day), just paying for the clay you use. We will also bisque fire your work at no charge. If you have your own studio, call Marie at Crossings to purchase Raku clay. All pieces must be in the bisqueware state on class day.

During class, you will glaze your pottery using raku glazes and fire in a portable raku kiln. Raku techniques, materials and glazing, and processes will be covered. Firing is done outdoors using propane. Each firing takes approximately 90 minutes from start to finish; 45 minutes to fire, and 45 minutes for the work to cool down in a reduction container. The kiln can be reloaded after about 30 minutes of cool down time. There will be a morning and afternoon session.

Price is $65 per student, plus $23 for supply fee for firing, glazing and use of the Clay Studio’s tools.  Each student will have half a shelf, or about 18” by 9” and 8-10 inches tall. If you have larger pieces or more pieces and so want take up more room in the kiln, you should pay as if you are two or more students. Each firing can take the work of 4 - 5 people, according to Lisa. Supply fee will be determined the day of class and charged at that time. Clay prices are prorated from the bulk rate of $16 for 25 pounds of clay. 

In determining what you should pay, look at the work you are going to fire. For example, you have enough pots that you will cover an 18’ by 18” area in the kiln. Thus you are the equivalent of two students and you should pay $130 for the class fee, and expect to be charged $46 for firing, glazes and use of our tools. We are not charging the supply and firing fee until Lisa has loaded the kiln and determined how much room you have actually taken up. If you have purchased clay, this will be an additional charge.

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