Improve Your Drawing with Courtney Armstrong

Supply List- 14x17 or larger newsprint, vine charcoal, compressed charcoal pencil, pen and regular drawing pencil, a knead eraser & a small chamois.

Whether you are a new, returning or experienced artist this class is designed to teach, refresh and strengthen your drawing skills.  You will experience really seeing objects, learn what measuring is and how to do it and translate that information to paper.  Each week, Courtney Armstrong will help you with the elements of drawing - line, texture, shape and form.  We will study values and composition so your drawings become exciting and full of dimension and life.  Join us for this six week class and open up your drawing skills.

Graduating with a BA from the University of Minnesota at Winona, Courtney Armstrong was raised in Minnesota but has been 38 years in Denver being a Western gal.  As a board member of the Mountainside Art Guild, she was the computer coordinator/photographer and a frequent participant in all guild shows. She also worked in the graphic arts field in photography (8yrs) as a retouch artist, played around being a musician for a while, finally settling as a draftsman in Electrical engineering for 20 years.

She has been an artist all her life.  Courtney’s first award was at the Chatfield Western Days art show- they had no children's section so she was allowed to show with the adults (at 16yrs. old) and received an Honorable Mention.  She has had three solo shows, participated in five to six shows per year in the Denver area and won awards from Honorable Mention, Award of Excellence (this year) to first and second placings.  

It has been her pleasure to watch artists grow for eight years teaching beginning classes in drawing, pastel and watercolor.  Courtney enjoys teaching a great deal and especially love drawing.  It is the foundation of art and thus the most important part.

Currently her love is technical drawing with a new charcoal pencil she has found (Nero) so her style is tight and realistic.  Also, her subject matter has recently been focused upon horses, wild ones in particular, trying to get the hair to look particularly "wild" and free.

Teens 16 and older are welcome. Class commences on Mon, January 15, at 6:30pm, and meets through February 19. Price is $128.








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