Sculpting the Face with Karen Flynn

Learn to shape depictions of people’s faces in this six week class by Karen Flynn. You will create four pieces: a small bust, a large bust, a mask, and either a mug, planter or angel. Dive into techniques certain to bring life to your work as you create whimsical, true-to-life, or grotesque faces on your work. At the Clay Studio starting Tue., Feb. 12 through Mar 12, 6:30-9pm.

In addition to class time, you may spend four hours per week in the clay studio working on your sculpture. You must work during business hours or by arrangement.

This is what Karen will cover each week:

Class 1 - three hours Angles of the human face: carve the basic angles of the human face: small bust Start life sized bust, subtractive sculpture

Class 2 - three hours Continue busts Making eyeball, ear, lips Techniques: smoothing the clay and adding texture Let partially dry, cut in half, hollow out make test tiles - intro to glazes

Class 3 - three hours Make a mask - using plaster face molds, distort, add underglaze, sprigs, carving, Demo structures to support sculpture while building

Class 4 - three hours Put a face on a mug or planter - slab built mug/planter Or make an animal/alien/angel, etc

Class 5 - three hours Finish projects, bisque fire

Class 6 - two hours Glaze

Class is $128 plus $20 supplies and a $4/piece firing fee.



Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis. Many of our classes fill up early - so don't wait too long!

We take phone reservations with a valid credit card.

Call: 507-732-7616

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