Watercolor with Dan Wiemer

Supply list:

Many people already have many supplies that are fine. Bring those; you can impress your neighbors and your teacher.

PAINTS: I am going to list a group of very traditional watercolors that people should already have in their palettes. If you have others you enjoy working with, that’s fine, bring them.
Cerulean blue, Cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, raw sienna, burnt sienna, Cadmium or winsor red, alizarin crimson (or permanent rose)
Sap green, viridian and Paynes gray or neutral tint are colors I often use for value studies. You may have some wonderful new colors to show me!
It is easier for watercolor artists to have the paints already squeezed into and dried in a plastic palette. If you prefer working with fresh-squeezed paint that is fine. You can also bring several tubes of acrylic paint and some acrylic matte medium to play around with my "woodcut approach".

Good painters also are good designers, and award-winning artist and illustrator Dan Wiemer will show participants how to improve their design and composition. The class takes place at Crossings on five consecutive Thursdays starting January 18, 6:30-9pm.

Good painters are first good designers. Learn concepts that allow you to find strong abstract shapes in your scenes. We will learn about the different types of contrasts and how they add drama to your painting. Composition will be explored and used to lead the viewer’s eye through a more interesting painting. Simplifying a scene can be one of the greatest challenges that face an artist; we will explore distilling a scene and become better artists through the process.

Dan Wiemer is an award winning artist and illustrator who lives in Red Wing. He was trained as a graphic designer and has painted in watermedia most of his life. Dan is a past president of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and has taught classes and workshops for more than 25 years. His direct style lends itself to plein air as well as studio work. Dan has traveled to China on an artist exchange program. There he taught western watercolor as well as learned from his eastern counterparts. He couldn’t speak the language, but he could communicate through his watercolor, and that translated well.


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